How to deal with transitional feelings


If you have already started your awakening process, you know what I mean by transitional feelings. If you are just starting, this can be a heads-up message: you will probably face many doubts and many times you’ll feel like giving up, just to rejoice the next minute and feel a wonderful sense of confidence, comfort and harmony inside you. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

We have to cross many bridges to reach enlightenment. And they are not all pretty. They can be shaky and scary – but we must notice that we are the ones who are shaking the bridge and we are only scared because we can’t see – yet – what’s on the other side. It even seems that the more we advance, the blurrier it becomes. But, not for too long!  Soon we start having glimpses of the Light, and the transition becomes clear and smooth; a real walk in the park.

It’s true that it can take some time. More for some people, less for others; it all depends on each individual’s ability to quickly let go of programs, old and unfavorable beliefs and rigid thoughts. And in this meantime the awakening process can be quite confusing and hard to deal with. Some days we are glowing and super confident; others, we relapse and all seems in vain.  But take heed, become aware of this and also aware of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Just observe yourself. It’s a journey, and it’s healing.

This poem sprung out of me one day when I was observing my state of emotional transitions. Can you relate to it?


Becoming Aware

I know what
to do
and I don’t.
I know what
I want
but I choose
something up front.
I know who
but I don’t know
I am.
I may be asleep,
but I’m awakening.
Thus, I am serene
and suddenly
also in peace.
I’m mad and sad,
then enlightened
and balanced.
In all its phases
I’m the moon
and the sun,
I’m on and off
just trying
to have
some fun
Skeptical goddess
Night and day
far and away.
I am here
and am not.
I am there
state of

It’s like being opposed forces, but notice that in the beginning and up to the middle the poem expresses a more confused state of mind, and then it starts becoming clearer, peaceful. Still antagonistic, like “skeptical” and “goddess”, but now we start seeing more equilibrium, like  night and day. It goes to show that in the end we are Yin and Yang, we don’t need to fight opposed forces. We just need to be aware of them, and let them be. Once aware, Yin and Yang become balanced, and all is in harmony.

If you know about The Sedona Method, it’s much easier to work in this process of letting things be as they are. If you don’t know yet this wonderful method of releasing attachments that only cause harm, I strongly recommend you check it out.

Dealing with the ebbs and flows

In my experience, the best way to cope with this (apparent) insanity that is feeling wonderful now and like crap in the next minute, is to let it go. Not to fight it; not to judge, justify or explain it. Simply let it be there, recognize that feeling for what it is and then, just blow it away!  Blow like if you were one of those gusts of wind we see in cartoons, roaring and reshaping everything in the way. It’s very refreshing and relieving.

I’m not saying to blow your anger and frustrations on others; I’m saying to blow away your feelings. That is, to not be attached to them. Take a deep breath and exhale with vigor blowing away the emotions that are there, stuck in your heart and in your mind.

When I first started noticing this instability of feelings in myself I got a little scared. After all, I was trying to get better, not worse! But I continued doing what I was determined to, and exploring new ways to cross the bridges of emotional instability. I learned a lot with that. I learned to be patient, to persevere, to be more diligent, to start over, to observe myself, to be nice to myself, and to trust!!  And that has been amazing! I also learned that these low-vibration feelings pass, we just don’t hold on to them and they go away. Naturally.

Remember, feelings are energy. Energy must pass; not be stuck. Stuck energy is what causes imbalances. So, honor your transitions, your feelings, and your experiences. But don’t hold on to them.  And you’ll be feeling much lighter and confident in this process of energetic awakening.

Dealing with emotions


It would be lovely if you could comment below, telling us a bit of your experience on how you deal with your instabilities during your awakening process.

I wish you much Light and High Vibrations. Always!

Rose T.


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