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Rosangela Cricci Taylor is the author of American Slang and Colloquialisms, American Idioms, and Never Use the ESC Door, which is an educational short novel specially created for English learners.

Rose has been teaching and coaching ESL/EFL for over twenty years; she also creates the study programs and all didactic material for the courses she teaches.

She is licensed in Translation & Interpretation, with a B.A. in languages. Besides her fluent English and Portuguese, she also speaks some Italian and Spanish when the opportunity arises.

Besides languages and education, Rosangela loves to research and study about quantum physics, neuroscience, consciousness expansion, spiritual awakening, and energy healing.  She is a quantum-healing practitioner certified by Awakening Dynamics and uses her own combination of energy-healing methods.

Her studies and discoveries, practical applications, stories and personal experiences make the content of her books, such as Five Steps to Raise Your Vibration and Your Reality is at Risk – Change Your Vibration to Change Your Reality.

Through her grounded and authentic conversational style she offers valuable guidance and attractive perspectives to reflect on, throughout all her writings.

Artistic in her own way, Rose is a contemplative photographer, a doodle enthusiast, and a poet at times. Some of her inspiring photos and poems are available here, under Photoetry.




Books & Featured Works

Five Steps to Raise Your Vibration

When you notice you are getting trapped in a low energy frequency, make a conscious effort to get out of it.

In this concise e-book I explain the five basic ways that always work for me in the process of keeping my personal energy vibrating high.


Never Use the ESC Door

An adventure. A challenge. A surreal story of five English learners who will become your friends and show you many things you might not have thought about yet.

An ESL novel that educates, entertains, and inspires.

Recommended to intermediate English level ESL/EFL learners.  Also suitable to any one who enjoys a creative, light, fast-paced adventure story. 


American Slang and Colloquialisms, by R.C. Taylor

American Slang and Colloquialisms

For ESL/EFL learners, a short glossary of American colloquialisms with examples and meaning in Portuguese.


American Slang and Colloquialisms, by R.C. Taylor

American Idioms - A Sample of What Americans Speak Every Day

For ESL/EFL learners, a short glossary of American idiomatic expressions with examples and meaning in Portuguese.


American Slang and Colloquialisms, by R.C. Taylor

Featured Works

Editorial services, copyediting, translation and poetry. Some of my many contributions to writers, readers and organizations.


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We've been working with Rose Taylor since 2010 and it's been an awesome teamwork. She's proficient and has incredible perception and sensibility. For us, the band, there are big challenges in clearly communicating our artistic thoughts, and Rose, with her work and dedication, always helps us overcome those challenges. Rose has a sharp artistic knack and this is fantastic and helps us tremendously.

Eduardo Holanda, Musician for Still Living Rock Band (PE/BR)

I bought Rosangela's book Never Use the ESC Door after reading her posts on the internet, observing her helping people learn. Rosangela Taylor has created a book that teaches English through a story with very engaging characters and events. As the characters go through different experiences, we learn, too. English is something I need to improve, and she is a great teacher, with a sweet and entertaining personality.

Mary Oliver, Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher (MA/USA)

Rosangela is quite creative and friendly. Classes with her are always a fun surprise because she challenges my senses for a more effective learning. She's also open to suggestions and encourages feedback about herself and her classes. Which is great!

Cintia Oller, Project Manager @ UL (SP/BR)

Rose's classes were beyond my expectations. She pushes us up all the time with efficiency and humor. In the group class we had a lot of fun. I also took some private classes which were very helpful, as well. Studying English with Rose gave me more confidence. Many of my blocks were eliminated. I feel that I've improved my pronunciation and my writing, and my conversation flows better now!

Mariza Cerveira,  (Rio de Janeiro/BR)

Did you know that you add a lot more meaning to my work, just by reading me?

Thank you!

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