This is who I am, what I do

and how you can benefit from my experiences and observations.

Rosangela C TaylorHi! This is me!

And what you’ll find here is a trajectory of personal development. Through my articles, books, resources, and private communication you’ll be able to gain insights on self-healing; gain more inspiration and motivation; tap your inner genius, feel more accomplished, and transform your life for better.

In search of a happier, healthier and a more fulfilled life I’ve learned numerous precious lessons. I have also failed a lot. Raise and fall walk together the path to personal growth, and I’m here committed to share with you the insights I’ve gained (and still gain), and my experiences and observations along the way.

Blueprint for a better life

There is a good amount of great self-help or self-improvement material in the world. I have tried a plethora of them, and less than half was really useful to me. Why? Because they focused on the beautiful results, but there wasn’t much help or guidance on how to overcome the difficulties during the process of transformation. Resistance to change, fears, skepticism, procrastination, relapses. Those are some of the most common difficulties we usually face on our path to personal growth.

So, my blueprint for a better life is not just about theories of what worked for me. It’s also about the wisdom I gained from the hardships and pains, and HOW to avoid or deal with them. So, I share the easy parts, and the lessons from the hard parts. The advancements, and then the falls and relapses, too. The gains, and the losses. And why and how we fail (hidden reasons; you’d be surprised!). I believe that sharing the failures and the breakthroughs that come with them, along with the successes can save you a lot of time and frustration in the process.

Of course, each situation is unique and what is a good strategy for me may not be for you. The key is to not follow my words by the book if they don’t match your case or your profile, but evaluate them and make up your own rule. Then, diligently use what serves you. Ultimately, my goal is to help you get inspired, well informed, and motivated to act. And I’ll be around if you need an accountability partner. 🙂



I have, like most people, experienced bad and worse days. Traumas, anxieties, uncertainties, high expectations. Emotional ups and downs, grief, anger. Lack of self-confidence, disappointment, lack of motivation, fears, emotional and physical pains, and the list goes on.

Clarity and trust were not always present. Resistance still seems to blur the path now and then. But I have found my ground along the trajectory, learning how to dodge resistance and increase awareness.   

Thankfully, I have a profound sense of beyondness and not much of belonging. That means that I can’t stand being stuck in a rut for too long. I don’t belong there. And I need always to go beyond what I know; beyond my limited awareness.

My journey hasn’t been easy; I’ve moved a lot, from geographic locations to different body-mind-spirit states. All of them have been both scary and divine. In the process of gaining wisdom and beyondness, I found myself less and less of a belonger. That was then, on my path of discoveries (self, included) I found my purpose: to bring enlightenment and insights to other people, hoping they can get ahead in life more easily and faster than I did.

By sharing my sense of beyondness I can help you see the solutions that you might be looking for.


Ships can only see what’s beyond if they are not anchored.


So, what do I do, then?

Mainly, I  write. I write to motivate, to inspire, to educate. Also to entertain, to bring hope, enlightenment and support. Through my articles, books, private communication, videos and audio (coming soon) I can collaborate with you in your own process of discoveries and empowerment, making it easier, lighter, and more fun.

Strategies for better living encompasses a wide range of areas and things to do to live better. And I’m open to talk about all of them. All things that can help us be better beings and live a more purposeful life, from home economics to nutrition to essential oils; from brainstorming to motivation to self-healing and personal growth; from creativity to art to work. From education to entertainment to relationships.

However, the most important thing – the real foundation – for a better life is balance. Balance is harmony. Without it we cannot flow with the Universe. We cannot be in peace, nor in love. As a result, we cannot be healthy. Hence, wealth and bliss won’t be there, either.



Here’s my background

Energy Healing - Certification

Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

Most of my spiritual understanding today comes from quantum theory blended with ancient Eastern philosophies. In fewer words: we are energy and we’re one with the Universe.

I’m a Theta Healing self-healer, and a certified Energy Healer by Where Science Meets Spirit.

I’ve also taken Spring Forest Qigong course, and I continue studying and practicing Qigong for self-healing and help healing others, as well.

In addition, I’ve also studied The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin. It’s an excellent method that teaches us how to let go of feelings and emotions, which are, in they core, energy. I’ve incorporated this releasing method in my routine and it’s one of my top recommendations for building a better life.

I’m also into Aura Seeing, ESP, Meditation, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Paraliminals, and a few other approaches that aim to connect body-mind-spirit. Some of the brilliant minds I’ve learned from are: Gregg Braden’s, Peter A. Sanders Jr., Deepack Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle, Hale Dwoskin, and Louise Hay (my first source of inspiration when I started discovering my inner power, back in the 80’s). You’ll see more detailed and useful recommendations on the Resources page, soon.

Furthermore, the studies of cognitive behavior, learning modalities, neurons and brain cells, Photo Reading, NLP, and brainwave entrainment (binaural beats) – all about our brain and mind, fascinates me! The scientific part and the spiritual part join together in my realm of interests, and form what I like to call “my spirientific approach“. It has truly enlightened me and significantly helps me to further assist my students and readers. This can also be noticed in my educational novella published in 2016, which presents hints of such concepts, helping the readers discover their inner genius. You’ll understand it better when you read the book Never Use the ESC Door.

Some concepts talk to me more meaningfully than others, but in one way or another they are all very educational and enriching. Much of what I’ve applied to my life – with uncertainties and long processes to healing injuries and releasing weight – it’s all being described and explained in my next book, Inner Experiments, Outer Transformations (more info about that in Insights by Rose, soon to be available).


What else?

I hold a B.A. in Languages and I’m licensed in Translation & Interpretation, with a two-decade background in teaching and coaching English as a Second and Foreign Language (ESL/EFL).

I have my own teaching methodology and I write all the material. Tailoring each study program to each English trainee, targeting their specific issues with the language, is my greatest differential as an English coach. The ESL/EFL coaching is mostly aimed (but not limited) to business people (living in an English-speaking country or not) in need to improve their English. In addition, I have also contributed to the local community teaching English at The Literacy Council.

I speak some Italian, Spanish, and fluent Portuguese. I’ve also worked as a free-lance translator (English-Portuguese); and I’ve contributed to The Rockford Review (a local publication) as an editor. I write poems, too.


And I love photography! I have thousands (and counting) of outstanding photos, which I keep threatening to make more visible and popular. I’m actually starting to use some of them in this website. 😉

Photos by Rosangela C Taylor

On a more personal level, I cook balanced and delicious healthy food (yes, bacon is healthy for me! And so are dairy products, and home-made bread and pizza, and veggies and fruits, and green shakes, too! Yummy!). I practice QiGong daily, and Yoga almost daily. I’m learning Tai Chi, too. I walk/jog in the park when it’s not raining, or snowing, or too cold. I like to knit and crochet in my free time, and do other crafts, too. However, I’m dangerous with glue.

I carefully select the news I really need and want to know, which is not much. And it’s not on the TV or social media channels and mass-consuption blogs. I do not watch TV shows, either. I’d rather gain something of value watching streamed lectures from The Great Courses when I feel like sitting down on the couch, in the evening. Or some Netflix romantic comedy, foreign movie, or a Pixar to change the pace.

I’m married to a wonderful man, and we live in Illinois, USA. We have also lived in Germany, Italy, The British Virgin Islands and Brazil. All of which added a lot to my set of experiences, and gave me different and valuable perspectives, too.


Now, let’s make a difference

This is a sample of me and what I’ve been doing. You’ll discover more as you keep reading my writings. My main intent is to shed light and inspiration, but there are many other nuggets to share in between.

In the end, what really matters is to matter. It’s to make a difference in someone’s life. And I bet you feel the same. This is my commitment with my readers and clients. To share valuable observations and experiences; to bring up smiles, confidence, fun, love. So they, too, can make a difference – in their lives and in others’ lives.

I’m an instrument, shedding a brilliant, insightful and healing violet light on your path. You just have to let it in.

Love, Health & Joy,

Rosangela Cricci Taylor

We’ve been working with Rosangela since 2010 and it’s been an awesome teamwork. She’s proficient and has incredible perception and sensibility. For us, the band, there are big challenges in  clearly communicating our artistic thoughts, and Rose, with her work and dedication, always helps us overcome those challenges. Rose has a sharp artistic knack and this is fantastic and helps us tremendously. Still Living has great appreciation, respect and gratitude for this professional. Eduardo Holanda

Musician for Still Living, Rock Band , PE, BR

Rose’s methodology is different when compared to regular English courses. We feel motivated to interact more with the trainer and this way we learn more English. I liked it a lot! I just have to be thankful for this opportunity. Henrique Perovano

Sales Engineer Trainee at Elkem , ES, BR

I’ve known Rose’s style since 2013, when I found her former website and subscribed to her newsletters. Now, that I have personalized ESL training with her, I can confirm that her approach is quite different from the “classic ways to teach”. She identifies my learning needs and prepares each class targeting those aspects, which makes learning much more effective.

Rosangela is quite creative and friendly. Classes with her are always a fun surprise because she challenges my senses for a more effective learning. She’s also open for suggestions and encourages feedback about her and the classes. Which is great!

Cintia Oller

Project Manager at UL, SP, BR

In the beginning, I wasn’t confident to speak in English but with Rosangela’s coaching I feel bolder and prepared to face the challenges in English. I see in Rosangela a real commitment to providing excellent English training. Thaís Vitalli

SAP FI Consultant, Toronto, Ontario, CA

I bought Rosangela’s book Never Use the ESC Door after reading her posts on the internet, observing her helping people learn. Rosangela Taylor has created a book that teaches English through a story with very engaging characters and events. As the characters go through different experiences, we learn, too. English is something I need to improve, and she is a great teacher, with a sweet and entertaining personality. Thanks for making learning fun, Rosangela! Mary Oliver

Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Rose’s classes were beyond my expectations. She pushes us up all the time with efficiency and humor. In the group class we had a lot of fun. I also took some private classes which were very helpful, as well.

Studying English with Rose gave me more confidence. Many of my blocks were eliminated. I feel that I’ve improved my pronunciation and my writing, and my conversation flows better now!

Mariza Cerveira


Did you know that you add a lot more meaning to my work, just by reading me?

Thank you for being here! 🙂

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