Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius.

  ~Josh Billings~


Let’s be genius!

Enough common sense is genius, but not all individuals come pre-wired with such feature. So I’m following what the FTC (Federal Trade Commissionprescribes to website owners in order to safeguard their name and business, and I’m presenting you the obvious:


1. The reviews and testimonials you find in this website are non-paid, honest statements based on personal opinions and experiences. You may disagree with such statements, or not. In either case, it’s entirely up to you how you feel and what you do with the information you get. Point: Take what you want at your risk. Your are responsible for yourself.

2. My articles, books, and suggestions about wellness and well-being, personal development, consciousness expansion, manifestation, energy healing, etc, merely express my own practices, experiences, and observations. My work is fundamentally aimed to educate, enlighten, and entertain. Therefore, what I share is for your analysis and consideration. It may serve you, or not. I honestly hope it does, but whatever you decide to do with the information you find here and in the totality of my work, is solely your responsibility, not mine. Point: If you try something that I recommend in my reviews, articles, books or any other work form, or that testimonials recommend, and you get undesirable results, remember that the decision to go for it was yours. So, there is nobody else to blame.

3. My fiction books are what they say they are: fiction. With fictional characters. If you find any similarity between them and yourself or people you know, it’s just a coincidence. Or perhaps an inspiration! Although presenting duly researched factual elements, my fiction books are based on ideas and experiences that obviously differ among people; and even statistics and research are not to be trusted one-hundred percent since they differ among themselves, according to who is leading them. Point: fiction is fiction, and accuracy is not a promise.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that experiences and opinions may vary from one individual to another, and to understand that each and every individual is the only responsible for his or her own acts (or for their kids, and anyone else under their care).


Bottom line: Whatever you choose to think, believe, have, do, or be — inspired by me or my work — is totally your decision, not mine. And by navigating this website and consuming my products and services you are agreeing to that.


If there is anything unclear to you, please feel free to contact me and we will get things right.


Rosangela C. Taylor