by Rosangela C. Taylor

Photoetry is not only art; it’s an elegant communication with the world and with our higher self.

This is my special blend of photos and poetry.
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Creative expressions relax the mind and allow us to recognize the forgotten beauties in life. The fur of a cat, the center of an orchid, the craters of the moon, the shape of the clouds, the texture of a leaf, gatherings, food colors and shapes, and all daily wonders that we (so many times) take for granted.

The photos featured here were made with a Canon SX20, 12.1 MP,  a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5, and most recently with a Galaxy S10, which has a great camera for what it is.

Sometimes I edit my photos with PaintShop Pro, Gimp and other free platforms and apps, but usually my photos are displayed in their original form. The idea is to capture and share what the eyes see, under that particular and real light, color, and shape. What you see in most of my photos is the real captured moment.

As for the poetry, I’ve been writing since my teens. Of course, the style has changed a lot and keeps changing as new experiences come about. I’ve been matching many of my existing poems with existing photos, or, when I feel highly inspired I write something new for a new photo, or an old photo. The challenge is never stop creating and being inspired. 


NOTE: All photos and poems here are copyrighted by Pictorial Spells, Rosangela C. Taylor. Feel free to copy and share, without modification and giving me credit where credit is due.  

Moonstruck, by Rosangela C. Taylor


I prefer the fresh air

I prefer to be up there

I prefer the trees in bloom

I prefer the moon.

I prefer summer and fairies

I prefer to slumber on the prairies.

I prefer tasty meals

I prefer head over heels

I prefer good wine,

so I don’t whine.

I prefer the cosmos

over the cosmetics.

I prefer the ethics.

I prefer to write

I prefer to be bright

I prefer the smart brain

I prefer to kiss in the rain

I prefer to be warm

I prefer to transform.

I prefer an open heart

to make love and make art

I prefer your magic smile

for a good long while.

I prefer timeless power

rather than a powerless hour.

I prefer to be free,

free to prefer, free to be.


Rainy Day by Rosangela C. Taylor
Rainy Day


Waiting for the Rainy Day


There is a longing, a drought, a thirst

a crave for rain, drops of hope

happiness in a burst

a way to cope.


Rain on this field

soak it, make it yield,

open this flower, make it bloom,

inundate it, don’t wait for the new moon.




The Drop, by Rosangela C. Taylor

Nature's Magic Tear

MaraDots, by Rosangela C. Taylor


Houdini, The Cat - by Rosangela C. Taylor

Houdini, The Cat

Goddess Energy, by Rosangela C Taylor

Goddess Energy

Meditation, by Rosangela C. Taylor


Snow-White Orchid, by Rosangela C. Taylor

Snow -White Orchid

Happy Blues & Many Other Colors, by Rosangela C. Taylor

Happy Blues & Many Other Colors

Chipmunk Eating Peach, by Rosangela C. Taylor


Transcending, by Rosangela C. Taylor


Blues on the Chippewa, by Rosangela C Taylor

Blues on the Chippewa