Disclosure Policy

It takes one to know one.

  ~popular wisdom~


The government knows all about deceptive business practices, so it created a system that promises to protect consumers. There comes the Federal Trade Commission to the job!

Thus, following what the FTC prescribes to website owners, I offer the following disclosure policy to whom may be interested:

♦ Reviews: I have never been paid to write a review, nor would I agree to such an arrangement.

♦ Promotion: I haven’t been paid to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics that I mention on this site. Nor  have I received free products, services, travel, event tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations, as bribes to promote their products/services. Nevertheless, I can consider promoting a product or service, legally (through advertising,  affiliate programs, classifieds, etc) if:

1) they are relevant to my audience;

2) they don’t cause cause any harm to any one; and

3) if I can — and only if I can —  keep my true and honest opinion about the product/service after having tried and approved it, and found it to be beneficial to my audience. Free anything or any other form of compensation cannot convince me about the quality and benefits of a product/service if they can’t prove themselves of value to me.

♦ Endorsements: The views and opinions expressed on my writings are purely and honestly my own. I only endorse products or services that I believe, based on my own tested-and-approved approach. Morover, any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about any product, service or topic — made by me or anybody else — should be further verified, anyway. Enough common sense is genius.

♦ Affiliate Programs: I may join affiliate programs and link some of the products I recommend to companies where you can purchase them.  If you purchase anything from my recommended links (which can lead you to Amazon, Abebooks, or other sites), I earn a small  sales commission for that.


If you are part of my loyal audience, appreciate my work, trust me, and purchase my books or third-party products I personally recommend or legally promote, thank you for your patronage and support.

To all collaborators and supporters, thank you!

For free stuff, for free spirits, for freedom of speech… Thank you all!


Rosangela C. Taylor