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Book American Idioms by Rosangela C. Taylor

5 Steps to Raise Your Vibration

2nd. Edition/2020

This is a plain, no-nonsense e-booklet, yet a strong and effective guide to transforming lives.  It shows and explains the foundation of advanced manifestations, like self-healing, prosperity, better relationships, and well-being.

Learning how to live in high vibration is a process and there is a lot more to it, however, when you build a solid foundation your results are permanent.

The five steps I teach in this book are valuable actions that I have consolidated from my own learning-and-practicing process of feeling better. Those are the main things I remember to practice daily. And they have greatly helped me be the best version of myself.

That’s the reason why I share it with the world. It’s like sharing happiness! 🙂

Please grab it and enjoy it! Free download at the end of the page.


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Book American Slang and Colloquialisms, by Rosangela C. Taylor

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