Living in High Vibration

by Rosangela C. Taylor

Together we can do more than we can apart.

Choose the elements that make you smile, be inspired, informed, amused…


Enjoy your time here, discovering more about:


    • wellness (suggested things to do, and not do, to reach a blissful state of being);
    • personal energy (how you can take control of your life);
    • self-healing (how to connect with your divine self and heal and transform your body and mind);
    • mindfulness (how to be present and more fulfilled, without being trapped into popular trends);
  • love and relationships (from loving yourself to loving the planet, and all in between);
  • life’s delights (and how not to take them for granted);
  • education, inspiration & entertainment (from books to daily life experiences);
  • innovation (bold ideas, and old concepts revisited under new perspectives).

Living in High Vibration

is a choice...


The higher the frequency of your vibration, the more you live a plentiful and joyful life. It’s quantum physics: science and spirituality together. Life in its purest essence.

It’s awakening into a holistic approach to living in harmony, health, wealth, and synchronicity with the Source.

Just dive in!


The content you’ll find here may be useful, pleasant, and ultimately beneficial to you. Side effects consist of a sensation of well-being caused by thought stimulation, entertainment, inspiration and motivation. You may also experience further education, brainstorming, collaboration and positive human interaction. NOT indicated if you are allergic to books, heartfelt stories of relevant and enlightening experiences, love and life expressions, open-mindedness, boldness, expansion, inspiring relationships, and different perspectives. Otherwise, proceed without caution.

You are the reason for my work.

Thank you for being here with me!

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