by Rosangela C. Taylor

Your future in a magic mirror

Apr 1, 2017 | Blog, Perspectives

Magic Mirror by Rosangela C. Taylor

Photo of an antique mirror purchased at MASP, São Paulo: Magic Mirror, by Rosangela C. Taylor, @Pictorial_Spells

       Most of the time, we tend to see life under one single perspective, disregarding other viewpoints. It’s all based on what we know (or we think we know), our past experiences, observations, and programs. But what if we’d see our future in a magic mirror? Would the mirror provide us with a different interpretation?

      Since all of our reactions and responses to life derive from our subjective interpretations, allowing for different visions and possibilities can make a huge difference in our emotional state. Think about art. Your liking or disliking a work of art originates in your personal view; your subjective interpretation of it. But when you are open to different ways to understand it, your feelings inside change as you change your perspective. Most of the time we end up interpreting art the same way we interprete life. In a limited way, that is. As art imitates life, so does the way we see it. When looking at a painting, listening to a song, or reading a poem we tend to see in them only what is already familiar to us.

      I think of two ways to interpret life; and art. One allows for expansion and growth. The other, quite limited by our biases and blinders, blocks the magic and flow.


Let’s talk about expansion and growth

       By considering a wide scope of ideas, experiences, possibilities, and even the unknown and what might be considered impossible, we begin to see in life (and in art) solutions, beauties, information, and answers never seen before.

      I invite you to take a leap with me beyond the possible and into the impossible (or what’s perceived as impossible) and embark on your future. A future that you can create now, and it’s so bright and pleasant that makes you long for it. Have you ever missed something you never experienced?  I have!

      Well, I transcribed my notion of longing for a brighter future in a poem. That was my poetic challenge for today, the PAD Challenge by Writer’s Digest. In case you haven’t heard of that yet, it’s the challenge of writing one poem a day during the month of April, the (inter)National Month of Poetry.  It’s fun!  It pumps my creative juices, it forms new neuron pathways, and it’s quite relaxing!


Mirrored Life

       Thanks to my poeming away along with the Poetic Asides, and comments from readers and other poets, I have so far created around ONE THOUSAND poems!

      For the 2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 1, the poem prompt (or theme) was “reminiscence”.  Thus, my Mirrored Life poem was born!

      Mirrored Life reflects a vision that we all would like to nurture. A vision of getting better and younger and wiser as time passes by. The poem’s voice brings the reminiscence of how extraordinary life was when she (the narrator) was older. When she was older. Can you dig it?  Does that mean she got younger or that she’s no longer around?

      Please, read Mirrored Life on my Photoetry page and let us know your interpretation – of life and art. There is no right or wrong, since life, and art, are totally subjective.  As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And so is art. You see what you see. It’s unarguable.

      It’s fascinating to discover how different people interpret art differently – according to their own life’s perspectives and experiences. Their own visions of past, present, and future.

      How does Mirrored Life relate to you?


      Happy Reflections,

      Rose T.

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