Book Review

by Rosangela C. Taylor

The Sedona Method

by Hale Dowskin

Personal Improvement, Well-Being

My rate: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin

One of the most effective releasing techniques I’ve used. Not only this book by Hale Dwoskin is my all-time favorite tool for emotional release, but also the whole Sedona program taught by The Sedona Training Associates.

This book, along with the audio program, have been my intimate companions since 2008. The Sedona Method, exceptionally well explained in this book, has been tremendously effective in helping me during times of confusion, discomfort, or any sensation caused by trapped emotions. Through his teachings and life examples, the author brings clarity into our process of reaching more balance, calmness, and peace in life.

Throughout these highly inspiring pages, Hale Dwoskin leads us through processes of letting go of sensations and emotions that are trapped inside us. Such trapped feelings are the culprit of the issues we face in life: at work, in our health and well being, in relationships, in finances. Thus, when we are experiencing the direct or indirect effects of unresolved and unreleased emotions, this method comes to our rescue! It’s an excellent inner work to do when we need to free ourselves from unwanted situations.

Releasing Technique - Sedona

“As you practice releasing, you’ll see that you tend to move from the left-hand side to the right-hand side of the chart. Sometimes you may find a difference in only a single category as you let go, and other times you will see a diference in  many.”


With that said, this is not the kind of book we read once and forget about it on some dusty shelf. It’s an invaluable tool to refer to every time we feel that things are not so right in our world.

I recommend you start with the book, to really grasp the whole concept. Then go for the audio program. With the audio it’s much easier to practice releasing every day, because you can go to specific areas: health and well being, relationships, and wealth and success.

To me, the honesty, efficacy and beauty of The Sedona Method – completely explained in this book – is something that I fully experience but I can’t explain well enough. That’s why you must read the whole story about how it started, with its pioneer Lester Levenson, a successful but unhappy and very unhealthy man. He had so many serious health problems that at one point the doctor just sent him home to die. In his next and last few weeks of life he engaged himself in a process of self-discovery and he learned to release all what had been killing him, from inside out. Letting go of his trapped emotions, sensations, feelings and programs brought him a new life. What doctors couldn’t do for him, he did himself from within and lived not only a few more weeks but forty two more years – healthy, happily and at peace.

Thankfully, he shared his experience with the world. His teachings, then passed to Hale Dwoskin, are now his legacy and a blessing to all of us who are open-hearted and open-minded enough to follow it, learn it, and apply this incredible method in our daily life.

This book is a must-reading for everyone looking for personal transformation.

Rose T.

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