by Rosangela C. Taylor

How to create a fairy-tale life

May 31, 2017 | Blog, Perspectives

Fairy -Tale Life by Pictorial Spells

Photo of a fairy garden accessory on a tree trunk: Fairy-Tale Life, by Rosangela C. Taylor @Pictorial_Spells

      A fairy tale is not exactly a good example of an easy, loving, and wonderful life. But play with me here, and let’s open the door to a magical, fascinating, fairy-tale life!

      In regular fairy tales, the princess is usually under a terrible spell and suffering some kind of distress; there is always a malignant character trying to kill her; the prince, supposedly a hero, is always too soft, immature, and takes forever to get something right. The other elements in the tale hinder more than help… until the curtain falls. Then, the glass slipper fits the right foot, the truth is revealed, a golden door opens and everybody lives happily ever after. Well, except the witches, which are so unjustly represented by those evil characters. 

      No, you don’t want to live a fairy-tale like that, do you? You just want a magic key that opens the door to a life full of enchantment and beauty. Where is that key? And why does it seem so difficult to live the life of your dreams, while for others it seems so natural and effortless?


Get ready to meet the fairies

      To live the life of your dreams is only effortless if you are already vibrating at the same frequency of the things and people that are good for you. If you are not vibrating at that same frequency you will need to make some adjustments and that, for some people, means effort. It’s not a sacrifice, though. The effort lies only in paying more attention to a few things, in being more alert and aware of your thoughts and feelings, and in changing your perspectives and old programs.

      I know, it’s hard. That’s why I said it may be an effort if you haven’t been raising your vibration lately. Changing paradigms is the only way to allow for the new to come in. So, if you want to open the door to a fascinating life you must first stop blocking that door with old baggage. If the door to a magical life seems shut and stuck you are probably stuck, as well. When you allow for new thoughts, feelings, and actions you then reach a different state of mind. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

      So, back to the question “Where is the key to a fairy-tale life?” – the answer is, “Within you.” You are the very key that opens that door.

      On the other side of that magic door there is a new inner world, but to experience it you must let the changes happen. There isn’t a lot more to do besides acknowledging that there is a beautiful universe in there, and not out there, that you haven’t explored yet. 


Create new tales

      It’s not the world outside you that is going to heal you and bring you joy and accomplishments. It sure looks like that because that’s the way we have been programmed to understand the world. But in truth, the real magic resides within. 

      Life can indeed be a fairy tale when we acknowledge that we are the very fairies, and knights, and heroes, and witches, and dwarfs, and unicorns, and ogres… depending on how we interpret life. Thus, whatever we stand for, inside, will reflect outside. And, yes, it will come back to us (in different shapes and categories), which makes us believe it’s all coming from outside.

      You create your thoughts, and thoughts are energy. What you think and feel inside shapes your external life. Not the other way around. 

      In other words, you and every one of us create our own reality from the inside out. That is our story and we believe it is our fixed reality. Such a reality also influences the rest of the world and reflects back on us. That’s an important thing to consider, isn’t it? How we are creating and accessing our inner world is the foundation for what we are experiencing emotionally, mentally, and physically. And affects our outer world, as well.

      So, who are you in your tale? Are you thinking and living life like a soft, lame, sissy prince? Perhaps like a not-so-bright princess? A victim? The evil queen? Who else can you find within? Maybe it’s time to begin new explorations, designing your own characters and changing your tale! 

Upgrade your fairy tale

      Besides acknowledging where you are and where you want to be, and being open to changes, some of the next steps (and there are many more!) to raise your vibration and open the door to a beautiful life is to trust the flow.

      Only YOU can make the changes you want to see in your life. You must use your own power to focus on the good parts of your fairy tale and make it brilliant, lovely, happily ever after.

      It’s all in you. The scary thoughts, and the enlightened ones, too. Maybe it’s time to stop conjuring up all sorts of bad, painful things that could happen, and be open to the beauty that is actually happening, right now. Instead of using your personal energy and power of visualization to create more trouble for yourself, use it to create beautiful thoughts; thoughts of love, and connection to the Universe. Thoughts of trust and balance.

      How would you like to change your story? Even if you think of something that seems impossible or not feasible at the moment, spend some time with it. It’s more productive to visualize a pleasant situation than to put a damper on it. Let the soul expand. Expansion leads to Light; conversely, restriction and constraint lead to shrinking and annihilation.

      This is my reasoning: if you are going to spend some time and personal energy with thoughts and visualizations that bring you down; that puts you in a state of frustration, lack, anxiety, stress, fear, and discomfort – which are very unhealthy and unnecessary, why wouldn’t you instead just use the same time and energy to visualize something better? You will feel better! That’s the key, right there! You will vibrate at a different frequency, one that matches what you really want.


Once upon a time…

      A person, who was quite out of whack and unhappy, told me I was disconnected from reality and I lived in a fairy tale. She meant to criticize my way of seeing life, which is the opposite of hers; my days are brighter, and I see magic. So, she was right, I live in a fairy tale. But not one with lame princes and bad witches; for my life, I create a peaceful and harmonious scenario, with strong heroes, loving witches, real fairies, and lots of magic. 

      See, our lives are stories that we create. Some people are aware of that, most people are not. When we are aware of our responsibility as co-creators we can easily shape and reshape our fairy tales.

      So, go ahead and open that door. Make changes. Be your own fairy. Or Elf, if you will. Bring magic to your story.

      Go inside yourself and clean up your soul. Move energy. Get rid of what is stagnant and what isn’t beneficial anymore. Revive. Spruce up that tale. It’s yours! Live your creation with joy!


       Live happily ever after!

      Rose T.


 A Fairy Note:

      I went for a walk in the park nearby and I saw this magic door on a tree trunk (my photo above). As I live in a fairy tale, it caught my eyes right away. The day was a little cloudy, but even so, I reached out for my phone (camera). The sun rays, then, just appeared for my photo, at that exact moment, shining through the leaves of the tree and making that beautiful reflection on the picture, a magic rainbow. As soon as I finished shooting, the sun went in again. Isn’t this a good sign of living in a fairy tale? I just happened to be in the right place, at the right time. And the sun came out to tell me so! 🙂 

      How about your fairy tale? Please, share your thoughts; we’d love to hear them!


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