Just imagine…


Imagine, just imagine all these people talking with one another. Listening and being listened. Looking at each other’s eyes – yes, real 3D people; not flat images! And hearing the sound of real laughter in real time, not recorded sounds. And instead of smiling at emojis representing hugs, kisses, little dances, and flowers, imagine they are really experiencing  textures, dancing, and enjoying the beauty of real hugs and kisses. Imagine they are using ALL their senses. And they are really – I mean, REALLY – happy for having REAL friends around, with whom they can be themselves; no pretensions, no disguises, no photo editing. They can be themselves, not a flat profile, or political memes, or abbreviated messages. Imagine they can be authentic people, living authentic and emotionally fulfilled 3D lives. Just imagine that!

I like technology. I use it a lot, too. I am not advocating against it. I am not suggesting you drop your electronic devices and live in the nineteenth century, no!  I love that you read my blog and my books on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Please, continue doing so!  🙂


It’s all about balance

My message today is just about being more human. I think we, as a civilization, are losing so much by not paying attention to our emotions, senses, and feelings. Most of us have our faces almost glued to a screen all the time. Either for fun or work. Or both. It seems that our friends live there, and our whole life and mind are there, too. Thus, we become addicted to getting everything from our smartphones! In the process, we become less and less smart. While we think we are more connected to everything and everyone, we are, in fact, less connected to the Whole, and losing track of ourselves (our True-Selves).

We can be more human; pay more attention to our senses and thoughts, and other people’s feelings, as well, instead of giving so much importance (and time) to what we can only capture through electronic devices. Yes, we can be more human than we are being, and still read e-books, and look for recipes online, share pictures on Facebook or Instagram, look for ways to raise our vibration in thought-provoking blogs, be informed (sorting through is extremely necessary, though). It’s possible to enjoy the conveniences of an electronic device and also the life contained in real human relationships.  We can do it all. The problem is that we are not doing the human part so well; at least that’s what I have noticed.

I know people who are still gathering with their friends and family, no doubt about that. They still make time for human relationships. However, more and more people are becoming great friends with their own devices and less friends (and less friendly, too) with real people. They have been more and more connected to their hand devices and less connected to other parts of their body, and to other bodies, as well.

Am I the only one seeing this, or it’s true that there are fewer visits and gatherings, fewer phone calls, fewer afternoons filled with cake and coffee? Do you remember how life was before smartphones and tablets?  Is it because everybody is so busy all the time and when they are not they are “connecting” to someone or something in their phones? Easy way, just go to any social media channel to check what’s new and catch up with your friend. No need to call or visit, or hug. Facial and body expressions will soon die out. Or have they already?

What is this civilization becoming, after all?  Body masses obsessed with virtual stories? Virtual friends? Virtual shopping?  Virtual food delivery?  Virtual sex? What else is there?  Virtual happiness?


Thinking of development

By observing many children, teenagers and some young adults I come to the conclusion that they are the ones who are missing the most. Two-year-old children have already a smartphone in their hands. Parents say that it keeps them quiet. I don’t know how my parents kept their four children quiet without a tablet or a smartphone, but they did. And they did an excellent job!  Now, kids learn at an early age to force their necks down and stare at a small screen, which trains them to look at one direction only (future one-track-mind people, too). No peripheral vision required, or developed! All while straining their little eyes at the bright screen. For hours! All while learning, subtly, how to not socialize. Lack of hability to express themselves clearly and precisely, and lack of social graces are only some of the side effects of an electronic society.

Teenagers – at least the ones I have observed – are not learning the value of close relationships, strong bonds, solid friendships,  family ties, and social values. Because they are too busy with their electronic toys, their illusions, and their disconnected beings in their own out-of-this-world world.

Children and teenagers may not know what they are missing, but we, who know, still have some time to make a difference. We can make a difference in their lives by adding more love, guidance, and valuable information. By valuable information I mean human values, not electronic valuables. And we’ll be making a difference in the whole world. There will be more respect, more love and collaboration, and less emptiness and loneliness.

The whole Earth’s vibration can be much higher with our participation; with more love and interaction from us, still human beings.

Light & Awareness,



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