Creative healing might just be waiting for you


When I assign a writing project to my students, they make faces. They say they are not creative at all, they can’t write because they aren’t artistic. I have to explain, “Being creative is not limited to doing art.” You don’t need to be a painter, a sculptor, or a poet to understand that you are creative, too. And if you insist you aren’t, I’ll tell you there are ways to create your creativity! How about that? Creativity is the ability to see what is beyond the ordinary. Just that. It’s to use your beautiful neurons to find alternatives. When Indiana Jones was locked in the Well of Souls with hundreds of snakes, he used observation and imagination (i.e. creativity) to find a way out – while the lady with him was only screaming and panicking, totally blocking her creative thinking. You may say, “Okay, that’s just a movie… c’ mon!” Yes, and a movie is an art, and art imitates life. Life can also imitate art! That’s when we make adjustments, and transform! Based on real life, someone makes art; then, based on that art one can live his life. This life can be inspiration to another art; and yet, another life might be modified from that art. Each new creation will emulate the former. But will be different in its own way; will be adjusted, perfected, and unique. That’s creativity right there! It’s just another way of seeing the same thing. And seeing yourself, too!  

How does that apply to healing?

Remember, creativity is the ability to see what’s beyond the ordinary. Thus, I ask my trainees to use their brains to develop something different; to find alternatives to a common issue, topic, approach, system, etc. Then, they say, “Oh, that? Okay, that I can do!” See, they are creative and don’t even know it! With that in mind, let’s dive now into the world of alternative healing. And explore a little bit of Creative Healing. Maybe you experience some body ailment? Is there something that you feel is getting you stuck in life, apathetic, depressed, etc? Perhaps you deal with emotional wounds, traumas, and discomforts? Or, maybe you know someone in such situations? We all need some help, to one degree or another. I’m a certified energy healing practitioner and I do, too! There is always something to be improved, and many different methods to work with. Being creative is one of them. Now we are getting to the heart of the matter…  

Finding Healing in Creativity

In case you are not familiar with Creative Healing, it’s an energy healing modality that some intuitive healers use by creating artistic pieces and infusing them with healing and loving energy. It may be simple or complex creations: photos, paintings, sculptures, needle work, poems, creative pieces made from repurposed material, music, etc. The artist may infuse the art piece during its creation, or after it’s done; or both. The key point is the intense connection the artist stablishes with the Creator (the Source of All). The true and loving intentions, the Light and healing energy impregnated in that art piece will make a great difference in its overall  vibration. As a result, people who have those pieces around are surrounded by more healing and loving energy. It’s even more effective they are aware of such power, and let it in.  Like crystals, charms and sound frequencies we can use healing-infused art pieces to aid us in several different processes of healing, as well. We may buy an infused artistic piece or receive one as a gift, specially made for us with a special purpose. Better yet, we can make our own healing art!  Everyone can connect with the Source. Everyone can be creative. Everyone can be a healer. Four major things are necessary:
  1. Pure Intention. You must really want to experience this power.
  2. Trust: You must completely trust the Universal Love and Power (the Source).
  3. Connection: You must stablish a strong connection with the Source (one way is by quieting your mind)
  4. Allowing the Light: You must let the inspiration in; let the Source be in you, as you.
When we open our hearts, when we trust and send our most pure  intentions  or love and healing to aother person, to a glass of water, to animals and plants, to foods, and to objects their vibration changes as well. That’s when healing and peace starts taking place.  

Raise your vibration with creativity

When we make something creative like a piece of art, for example, we raise our personal vibration, too. That, in itself, is already healing. That high vibration is also transmitted to the artistic object, which can aid others in their healing process as wll. However, the creator of that art is the first one to benefit from such expression of creativity and infusion of love. That’s because of the law of Energy: everything that we express or project comes back to us. We send love and healing energy, we sure get it back, intensified! (And yes, the opposite is true, too. So, watch what you express and project into the Universe!) That’s the core of Creative Healing, at least how I experience it. I’m open to hearing other interpretations. Do you have one? Please, share your experience below. It works the same way in self-healing, too. If you make something creative, say, you write a poem, or make some jewelry, or even if you write a journal – all that can be infused by you, with love and healing energy. Even if you don’t consider yourself an intuitive healer. Remember: the key is the pure intentions! It’s not that the healing will magically come from a painting that was infused with love and healing intentions, or from the words you jotted in your journal (although that is possible, too); but primarily because when we create we become closer to the Creator! And that’s the main path to healing ourselves. I am not implying that being creative and doing artistic activities is a sure way to rid you of all diseases. There are cases and cases; some illnesses, personal blocks and old programming may require more than that. What I’m saying is that creativity is one of the many roads to Energy Healing. When you are seeking inner balance, stress reduction, a sense of wonder, joy, and connection with the Whole, give your creativity a chance to be expressed and to help you. It will calm your mind and soothe your spirit. And that is healing on some level!  

It’s an option, after all

Creativity, or creative works, may not be the complete or the only tool one needs, but it can certainly aid in the process of feeling better. Adopting a new creative approach to heal yourself is an option you have. I’ve heard that some people experiencing PTSD symptoms have found improvement in their health by drawing mandalas; others, improve their cognitive senses and life’s outlook by reducing stress when they work on coloring books; others, find balance in their throat chakra when they sing. Remember the four basic steps:  set a true intention to use your imagination and be creative in order to find yourself.  Trust the Universal energy and your personal energy are one; that will raise your vibration immediately. Feel that connection with the Source. Let it sink in and you will experience a great sense of well-being. Then, pour all your good intentions, love, Light and well-being into that what you are doing. By doing art – or being creative in any form – we expand our senses, we touch other universes and, most importantly, we connect to our own universe. Our True Self. We leave that state of stuckness that we find ourselves now and then. We change paradigms, we see beyond. Therefore, we free our souls. When we free our souls – even if for a few minutes – we modify the state of our cells, because we change our frame of mind. Our mood, our breathing, our whole vision changes. And so does our energetic frequency. And that is super therapeutic!  

Applying what you learn

By calming and pleasing the mind, we heal the emotions, and thus the physical body. All happens from within, but we do need to take action! That explains why I feel so good when I doodle; when I write (poems included); when I dance; when I make astounding photographs. Also when I create a new, individually tailored class – that’s all loaded with loving, creative feelings! Now, next time you’re doing something creative (it can be an artistic project, or it can be just a new approach you’re trying), put love and healthy intentions in it, and observe how soothing it is. How your well-being increases. Infuse high-vibration thoughts in your creative piece or activity. It can be a piece of art or a new dish you are making up tonight, or a business project, or a solution for a family issue. Whatever it is, when you use your creativity to expand your senses and widen your vision, you feel better because you find new ways, beauty, and joy. And there is always healing in feeling good. Enjoy your new heights!   Many Blessings, Rose

Friendly Reminder: We find our answers and solutions where we see truth. I see truth in energy/spiritual healing. In my experience, raising my energetic frequency has given me the answers and solutions I have sought for a long time. However, take all this for what it’s worth for you. I’m just sharing my vision and my experiences in order to engage you in some thinking process that can be very beneficial to you. Anything you do with the information and ideas I express here is, ultimately, your responsibility.

Photo Story: “Solar Plexus Mandala”  by Rosangela Taylor. I made this mandala from a photo I took at the car wash. This is my windshield being washed!  Then I manipulated the image to make a mandala using the forms and colors captured by my camera. I brought my attention and intentions to the Sun, and I infused the image with Love and Healing Energy, so everyone who looks at it receives such vibration and feels good. If you’d like to have a larger photo (3264×1836), let me know. I’ll send one to your email. 🙂
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