It’s all in the interpretation


I have noticed that many people who have been seeking spiritual and mind freedom, as well as self-healing, are still struggling with certain concepts of transformation and the awakening of their consciousness. There has been too much interpretation and the lack of awareness of how much those interpretations of whatever is happening is affecting their feelings, thus their well-being.

According to quantum teachings, we all see and feel what we lead ourselves to see and feel. In other words, our feelings come from the interpretation we make of the facts.

If you are noticing strange things happening inside you, or around you, you may link them to the current events going on (globally or on a personal level, whatever may be your situation). You analyze those events and the feelings they cause in you, and you become worried or uneasy about such interpretations. Then you feel weak and susceptible to external forces, putting yourself in a victim position.

Note that it’s not the situation itself that makes you feel bad, but rather the uneasy feelings caused by your interpretation of the situation.

Interpretations of facts, things, points of view, news, and any situation are usually based on our past experiences, or fears, or guessing. They can be shaped into negative or positive conclusions and assumptions about whatever is. Sometimes they are labeled as “interesting” or “weird” – these also carry a negative connotation because for most people those words reflect something other than what’s considered normal or accepted. Hence, not so positive in a general consensus.

Either way, bad or simply interesting, or curious, or good, they are all values we attribute to things and feelings. They are stories we tell ourselves. They are interpretations of facts; not the facts themselves. Not the pure “now” moment as it is.

Fact: The planet is experiencing an energy shift in many levels.

Interpretation: “Such energy shift is causing me to feel weird.… even my pets are behaving strangely,” or “I haven’t slept well, this shift makes me feel heavy,” or “I don’t feel bad, but it’s interesting how the current situation makes me more emotional,” or “I feel different, I think something really positive is on its way now…”

As you see, it could be either a good thing for you to pass through such energy shift, or a distressing thing. It solely depends on your own approach and interpretation of the facts you analyze.

W. Shakespeare cleverly said it in Hamlet (Act 2, Scene 2):

Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison. Well, then it isn’t one to you, since nothing is really good or bad in itself—it’s all what a person thinks about it.


What’s the way, then?


Awareness is the first step to raising your personal vibration (that’s the 1st Step I explain in details in my most recent book “5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration”). It’s similar to martial arts: once you are aware of your opponent and face it without resistance, you become stronger than the opponent. Awareness does that to us.

Many of you who have been reading me have already got to this phase: awareness. That’s great! Now, the next step is stop resisting to what you think could be bad for you. Remember, it’s just an interpretation.

The point is to let it go. When we get attached to the idea that “something is wrong with us”, well, something surely gets wrong with us.

So, here is my friendly advice, based on studies, researches, and my personal transformation: relax your mind and understand that you are okay. Shifts happen. Things happen. There is nothing to worry about feeling uneasy, weird, emotionally stressed, scared, having more headaches, feeling this or that. Considering what the whole planet is going through – on a collective consciousness level, especially – it’s all to be expected.

HOWEVER, what might be of great disfavor to all of you – all of us, actually – is to feed those feelings of worry and fear. Things get worse when we go through life like detectives trying to find what is wrong. Focusing on “There must be something wrong with me! I’m feeling weird!” will certainly bring about that very same thing you don’t want or you are afraid of, but trying to detect (thus, creating it by observation and interpretation).

I am not saying that we should do nothing to improve ourselves and our well-being. Much to the contrary! It is by interpreting less, worrying less, and fearing less that we can finally be whole and present. Only when we are present in the now moment, taking it as it is without personal narratives, judgment, and interpretations, we are able to clearly and intelligently do what we must do. Nothing more, nothing less. The clear vision of the facts without embellishment, without our personal concept of good and bad, allows us to act wisely, and timely. That clear vision allows us to grow, and to reach the so sought-after well-being.

As individuals seeking Light and spiritual awakening we must have by now grasped the basic teaching that we are what we think we are. We become the manifestation of the image and energy that we feed our thoughts with. Remembering that thoughts are energy forms.

Thus, the more you talk about or think of or focus on feeling uneasy, sick, distressed, scared, weird, etc, the more of that same energy will permeate your life, your mind, your personal vibration.

Our behaviors and feelings are created by ourselves. They don’t just appear out of the blue. We create the unfavorable ones, too. And nurture them, unaware of the damage they can do to our well-being.

Being wise and open to personal growth and deep transformations require awareness of thoughts, control of emotions (as well as of words), letting go of resistance, and ultimately TRUST.

If you are on this path of enlightenment (and it doesn’t matter whether you just started or have been working on yourself for a while) you must know, actually, you must remember every minute that you ought to trust the Universe, the Source, your Vortex, your higher self, your connection to the Creation. Any name works, as long as you incorporate in your life what it means, which is LOVE and TRUST. When you trust what is you don’t need to judge, to interpret, to fear, to create stories.

With that in mind, practice separating facts from subjective interpretations, which include guesswork, speculation, and expectations. Practice being aware of your thoughts and stop mind-talks that attribute good/bad, right/wrong values to whatever happens around and inside you. Simply let things be. And they will flow, as energy flows. Naturally.



Everything is alright if that is what you feel.




 Photo story:  I took the featured photo from my living room after a spring hail storm. I love to observe the woods and the fog behind them through the rain drops on the window.  🙂

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