Small things amuse small minds – true or false?


“Small things amuse small minds”.

What do you think about that? I’d love to read your comments, below.

Yes, there was a time when I saw some sense in that saying. (Alliteration not intended, but it amuses me!) Besides, every coin has two sides, right?

This is my side of the coin, today: when something amuses you, you become somehow enlightened, closer to the Divine, and far away from being a small mind. How come? Because you feel happier, because you smile. From the energetic/spiritual awareness point of view, you regain the oneness with the Source when you are happy.

Of course, not all amusement translates into connection to the Source. Some people find amusement in unfavorable and harmful things. Obviously, this is not the kind of amusement I’m talking about. So, let’s right away diverge from those imbalanced forms of amusement. Yes, they exist, we know, but we don’t need to focus on them.

My objective here is to make a correlation between being amused, or happy, or content with small things and being balanced, in harmony, and in a state of well-being. Like I am with alliteration; it’s like a lullaby and I love it. 🙂

How many times have you been amused by a certain expression or idea in a book? By a small just-open peach flower (my photo above).  The moonlight in a dark night, or the artistic design of a snow flake? A kitty-cat rolling and jumping around? Are those small things?

Maybe they are not small!


Here is a small thing that amused me today:

I was out and about, driving back from my Pilates class, when I looked at the instrument panel in my car and it was showing 78ºF (25.5ºC). I almost jumped and danced with joy! (I didn’t, though. I was waiting for the light to turn green!). It may be a small thing, but today is the fifth day of spring and the first day in months (cold months) that I am experiencing again this lovely warm weather.

Enjoy Little Things

The point is: when we can recognize these so-called small things in the midst of our busy minds, and we feel happy and we smile, or laugh, or dance and jump like a child, even if it’s only for a moment, that, my friend, I call REAL LIFE! And that’s not for small minds, by no means! That’s the essence of life, that’s being well and balanced, no matter what’s going on in the outside world.


And when we don’t enjoy the little things in life…

Let’s just think about that person (that we all have met once, and sometimes we even are one!) who seems to have all the great reasons to be happy and smiley, but she or he is not. Is that familiar to you? People who are like that are usually bitter inside, and they look for great things to happen to bring them happiness: big money, better relationships, a better partner (or a partner at all!), a huge change of life, and then they miss out the small things – which are, by the way, potentially transformative!

In fact, those small things that are amusing and amazing for some people, can be annoyances, silliness, or misfortune for the bitter ones. Summer can be too hot, winter too cold, rain can be a nuisance, lightening can be a cause for apprehension, free things are worthless, priced things are too expensive, and Valentine’s cards are silly. Birds babbling is a battle, and alliteration can be a pet peeve.

Okay, all of this might carry some true in it, like too much rain might be trouble, or any rain at all, if you are all dressed up for an outdoor fancy party, can be a nuisance. Still, it’s necessary to find the small things that can lead us to that state of well-being. And only “great minds” are able to do that.


How can we do that more often?

We ought to give some slack to the world, and to ourselves. Respect the rain, thunder and lightening, face the fact that summer is hot and winter is cold, etc. And stop expecting things to revolve around us and be just like we think they should. Things are the way they are, and many things are the way we made them. That is, they are the direct result of our thoughts and attitudes.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to understand that everything has its own reasons to be, its own imprint and unique characteristics. When we understand that, we detach ourselves from that heavy sensation of mishaps and bitterness. And our minds become great minds.

Great minds, here, in the sense of awareness, of connection to the whole. We can only be joyful and experience a state of unattached well-being and peace when we can see value and beauty in the small and magical things that surround us all the time.

Small or big things, I wish you a harmonious and brilliant state of being. And I encourage you to engage and let us know your thoughts about how small things (favorable or unfavorable) are perceived by you, and how they affect you.

I’ll see you soon,

Rose T.

You can curse the wind, or set the sail.

I encourage you to choose the latter.

Photo Story:
“Enjoy Little Things” by Rosangela Taylor.

In the featured photo is one of my peach trees um bloom. The flowers are tiny and delicate, and they provide such an experience of beauty and love. 🙂  Framed with Fotor photo editor.

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