When you see the end, look for a new beginning


From a philosophical point of view, there is no end or beginning in life. Everything is in flux (Heraclitus, ~ 500 BCE).

But in practical terms, we do find ends. The end of a story, the end of a phase in life… From dead ends to dead batteries, to dead relationships. It all ends, one way or another.

Does that concept put you in a sad, low-vibe kind of state? Death, separation? The end of a career, or a job.

What about transformation? Transformation requires the end of something. Pregnancy is transformation, and is the end of a phase into another. Like the end of the cocoon stage into a butterfly.

There must be an end of some sort in order to give birth to a new beginning. That is the core of the flux Heraclitus was talking about.

I see, though, why Heraclitus said there is no end and no beginning in life. Because it’s an illusion. Or, I should say, it’s a matter of perspective, which is abstract and personal. Nevertheless, perspectives are like shoes; we can always try a new one and see which fits better.

When we change our perspective from looking at an end with mourning to looking for what’s next, or what’s the new beginning brought by that situation, not only we avoid the trap of being in a low-vibe state, we also revive ourselves. We bring new light and renewed interests to our life.


Ends bring changes, and changes bring ends

Some changes bring ends that are highly desired. Those are not difficult to deal with. They are actually fun; they are dreams coming true.

The undesired ends, and changes, are the worst type. Those require a lot of emotional preparation, balanced energy, clear and positive outlook toward life, and trust in the Universe.

That’s the case of dealing with the death of loved ones, or facing any sort of unwanted separation. They are the kind of ends that hurt a lot and we seem to never see a bright side or a new beginning in situations like that. However, we must go back to the paragraph above, about perspective. Only by choosing another perspective we can be pain-free.

A less traumatic example of end and change, but still quite common and responsible for many people’s stress and depressive state is “retirement”. Some people just don’t deal well with retirement. First, it’s all what they want; then, when they finally retire they feel empty and lost. That’s because they connect being retired to being old and useless. Retirement equals the end of a phase where they were active, younger, stronger and needed. Therefore, they end up blocking the natural flow of new things by being too attached to the notion of “end”, missing out the great beginnings that are awaiting.

In romantic relationships it’s not much different. When a couple split, usually one of them is terribly hurt and has a hard time looking ahead and seeing new beginnings because he or she is too attached to the end of a phase. Clinging to what was and to the illusion of what has never been, or what could have been but never was, weakens the person’s ability to see what actually is, and what can be ahead as a new beginning.


A new beginning may also be back where we started

Here’s another perspective: the new may be in the old.

Sometimes, going back to square one seems like failure, regression, defeat. But let’s look again to what is in square one. Maybe it has the very solution we were looking for.

Things change all the time, that’s a sure thing. So, even when we go back to where we started we are up to new beginnings because things are not the same there, either, since we left.

After twelve years living in Illinois, my husband and I are moving back to Wisconsin. Our first home together was in Wisconsin, and we truly love that state. But, one day we decided to shake things up and we moved to Brazil. Later, because of a job, we moved to Illinois and there we stayed for twelve years. We were okay, but we had always missed Wisconsin and we had always wanted to go back to it.

Fourteen years passed since we left Wisconsin and now we are back to where we started. Many things have changed; we have changed, so it’s not really going back to the exact situation in life. It’s new, and it’s better! The end of that phase was necessary to reveal to us certain things and give us certain experiences we wouldn’t have otherwise. We went through new challenges, new perspectives, new people that we welcomed in our story. Then, the end of all those phases was also necessary to lead us to this new beginning, even though it’s in the same place we started before.


Make you new beginnings your coloring book

Bold new beginnings Choose your colors. Be bold, cheerful. Open up for new and bright possibilities. Dare to color your pages in unconventional ways. Own your authenticity and honor your creativity. Be alive!

We all need to stir up things in our existence, every now and then. Or we become too comfortable, too secure, too complacent. Too dull. And then we cease growing.

Embrace some discomfort and keep going.

My message to you today is: do not fear the ends, nor the beginnings they bring. Just embrace them and all what they teach you, and look at the bright side.

Look for new beginnings in every transformation; enjoy them, learn with them, grow with them.

You’ll feel renewed, happier, and vibrating in a higher frequency. The side effect of it is a more balanced, healthier and plentiful life.




Photo Story:
“New Beginnings” (featured) and “Bold New Beginning”  by Rosangela Taylor.

I made these photos from a gift bag, using my Samsung S5 in Auto and photo editor “Fotor” for the frames. 🙂