A Bag of Tricks!

Once we start developing our human potential, there’s no end to it. That’s how I see it. I don’t think anyone on Earth, not even monks in Tibet and zen masters of all places are completely done with their enlightenment process. Yes, they are enlightened, no doubt about it, but there is no end to that. The road goes on, there is always more to learn and to practice – if not for further improvement, at least for maintenance of what one has reached.

So, now you have access to my bag of tricks! 🙂  I plan to list on this page the best tools I have used, or still use, in the process of “getting better and better, every day, in every way”. To improve and to maintain my light, my balance, my health and overall well-being.

It’s an ongoing process, and I’ll share more as I keep updating this website every week or so.

From books I have read just for fun to books that taught me a lot; from nutrition and well-being products I use and value, to services, people, and webpages that have helped me in one way or another; and from tips and personal observations to my free tutorials, all of it can certainly help you a lot in the process of developing your human potential and living a better life.

Almost all links of recommendations in this page are affiliate links. Nevertheless, my recommendations are solely based on my own tested-and-true experience. You’ll see below my reports and comments for each one, for specifications and clearer understanding about the benefits I have got. But, let’s keep in mind that we are all different. Our tastes, abilities and mental programs differ, too, so it’s up to each one of us to make necessary adjustments, to be flexible and patient during the experiments. While trust is very important in any process, common sense should never be forgotten (see my disclaimer about health conditions).

As always, if you have questions or comments, please get in touch. It’s my pleasure and an act of love to help you further with whatever I can.

Now, to the resources! In the next sections, discover what works for you. Do not only believe what I say; try it for yourself and experience the results.

Oh, and one more thing, enjoy yourself in the process; you’ll reap the benefits even faster!  I do! 😉

How to effectively learn to let go of what bothers you
The Sedona Method Book

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The Sedona Method

This is one of my all-time favorite books. Not just the book, the whole Sedona program by Hale Dwoskin has been tremendously effective in helping me in the process of reaching more balance in life, calmness, and peace.

Hale leads us through processes of letting go of feelings and emotions that we have accumulated inside us, in several areas of life (relationship, money, health and well-being). It’s an excellent inner work to do and it brings lots of benefits. I still do the process from time to time when I feel like something is not so right in my world or that I have some new unresolved and unreleased emotions that need to be free.

The Sedona Method is highly inspiring and it can be useful to anyone, at any level of personal development. I recommend you start with the book, then go for the audio program if you want to practice it more.

Balancing your energy and healing your life with QiGong
Chunyi Lin - Born a Healer

Born a Healer, by Chunyi Lin


There is a lot to say about QiGong but I’ll simplify it to you: DO IT!

I believe any kind of QiGong can be beneficial to us, because the principle is the same: the perfect flow of Qi.  Qi (tchi)  is energy in Chinese; Gong is something like flow.  It makes complete sense when we remember that we are energy, and as such we must flow in perfect harmony in order to leave a healthy, happy and well-balanced life.

I have checked a couple of other styles of QiGong, but Spring Forest QiGong remains my favorite. I really trust and resonate with Master Chunyi Lin.  I have taken his healing courses , Level I and II, and also attended in person (in Minneapolis, MN) one of the Healing Circles he offers on Fridays.  It’s free and it’s a gem!

I highly recommend you take a look at his books, website and course materials. It has been extremely beneficial to me, from balancing my emotions to healing physical issues. Overall, the peace and calm gained by practicing a little QiGong daily is invaluable. It also increases my trust and self-confidence, which, in turn, makes everything possible.

Shēntǐ jiànkāng


Be in good health, 🙂


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