May We Be the Light – a poem for the world


This is all about energy. We are energy. Light is energy. The device where you are reading this is made of energy. Atoms. Vibration. That’s what life is all about.

Auroras are also a form of vibration, one of the Universe’s breath-taking spectacle that  you can see (if we are lucky enough). The dancing colors in the majestic Universe that embraces us is nothing more than vibration of charged particles (electrons and protons) from the solar wind and the magnetic field of Earth.  Such ionization produces light in different colors, and the colors vary according to the altitude where the vibration occurs. The shapes are provided by Earth’s geomagnetic field.

All in life is interconnected. Everything vibrates all the time. Everything in Nature has its own way to survive and thrive. But, we – human beings – are powered with a brain, too. And while we are in this journey we can (and should) do wonderful things with it! We can discern, analyse, and choose.  We can program and reprogram ourselves for a more meaningful existence. And we can raise our energetic vibration, as well. It’s only up to us.

May we be the Light

Northern Lights,
Dancing Souls.
Aurora Borealis,
and the heart goes.

May 2017 be filled with Light
Color, Magic and Sweet Mysteries.
May we all stop the inner fight,
fears and miseries.

May we all be happy and aware
of all the goodness around.
May we learn how to be surrounded
by peace by dismissing any war affair.

May we create a New Year, indeed.
A new position before old matters,
new thoughts, healthier ones to feed.
Before all the hope shatters.

Let’s dance to the Lights,
Northern, Southern
or the ones in our hearts.
May our minds be free
of biases and stupidity.

May we start anew, clean
and fully aware in 2017!


This poem marks the inauguration of this blog. What a beautiful way to start 2017, with love, light, creativity and a new project!  🙂

It carries my intention of love and Light to the world, and so does this website and all the work I am here to do.

Have fun, be inspired, be motivated, be joyful, be confident, be creative!  All these things will make you happier and healthier! And please, take some time and engage with us all leaving your comments and valuable thoughts below (right below the Free e-Book offer).

I’ll love to hear from you!  🙂

Enjoy your time around! I hope to see you soon.

Rose T.


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