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by Rosangela C. Taylor

He who has eyes to see, let him see

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Photo from Pixabay, by Geralt. I tweaked it a bit, mirroring the image.

 April 1st. 2020. CNN’s headline today says that April Fool’s Day pranks are not funny right now.

Of course not! Silly pranks and white lies would be ineffective in times when a pranky system dominates the world.

I want to invite you to think.

Think about all the misinformation circulating in the world: fake numbers, manipulated data, contradictory statistics… Not to mention the origin and the interests behind those mendacities.

Oh, yes, there are serious and strong interests behind the hysteria that has been orchestrated in the world. Please make an effort and you, too, will see the men behind the curtains.

Even Jesus said in the New Testament: “For those who have eyes to see, let them see…

I hope you see where I’m going with this.

It seems like falsehoods, mischievous acts and that sensation of being played and ultimately defeated are not exclusive to April Fool’s Day. It’s become part of the everyday world.

How come?

Because the everyday world is allowing itself to be tricked, pranked, played, manipulated, and ultimately enslaved.

Because the everyday world is losing its genuine, human, godly power while looking for salvation outside its essence.

Because the everyday world is numb, and dumb enough to believe everything without further and serious inspection. Without critical thinking. Without proper evaluation of facts.

The everyday world is also blinded by their ego and desperate need of survival, therefore lost in their minds and separated from the Source of Creation.

Lost in the lack of balance between mind and heart. Lost for lack of spiritual vision.


Is there a way out?

There is always a way out. If you can see it.

Definitely, not through masks and self-imprisonment, but through analytical thinking to perceive what is really going on while people’s behaviors, finances, projects, health, and relationships get transformed on a global level.

The current world-changing events look bad on the surface, yes, but we cannot judge anything correctly by watching/reading the news. The media tells us what they want us to know. And for that they use emotional manipulation, fallacies, and whatever strategy they judge appropriate. The point is: we never have the big picture because all the facts we receive are only partially true, twisted or not true at all, but disguised as true while backed up by a science of interests, or organizations that are considered authorities – and therefore, manipulate the populace .

Most of us already have pre-conceived notions about what is and what isn’t true and correct, and who we can trust or not, and most of us are not willing to let them go – even though such notions can be false at times, and such inflexibility in changing paradigmas can really hurt us. We see the world as X, and because of that fixed vision we can’t see Y and Z. That, of course, is detrimental to our expansion. 

However, many of us are already awakening and spreading their vision, their new notions and understandings. The craze that’s going on in the world may have an essential role in speeding up this process, the awakening of the civilization.

Let’s not waste this opportunity with fear and separation; let’s instead be aware of the present moment, each day, each minute. Let’s be aware of our surroundings, and feelings.

By surroundings I mean what’s in the newscast, the friend’s timeline, the headlines sensationalism; by feelings I mean fear and anxiety. They are linked, aren’t they? Have you noticed how your well-being decreases every time you hear/read the news or someone reporting what they saw/heard on the news?

So, be aware of it. No need to fear, just understand the game.

Fear is a feeling based on the preoccupation of the mind with something that is not happening, and may never happen. FEAR, as I’ve learned from Hale Dwoskin (author of The Sedona Method) stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. It makes sense! Can you see how useless fear is?

So, don’t take things at face value – they are built to cause an impression. It’s time to look and see things for what they really are. For we have eyes to see and the faculties to understand what’s been kept as a secret. It’s time to unveil the truth.

Still, many people won’t see it, even though they have eyes. Do you know why? Because they don’t want the discomfort of being responsible for their choices and change of paradigms.

Meanwhile, that’s how peoples around the world are being the subject of a mind game that plays on their emotions, so they can be subdued.


The Plot

The exacerbation you see around is just part of a power game. The creators of the game set the rules; the players either abide or flout.

What’s your position in this game? Rhetorical question; it’s only for you to think.

Millions of people are now abiding, acting like lambs to the slaughter. They are not allowing their analytical thinking come about, so they are not aware of the consequences of being led. They don’t realize they are being forced – gently, friendly, fatherly forced into a crippled, disconnected society. Where there is no cohesion. Where they become weaker by design. Where the opponent wins and take over their minds.

It’s up to you now: be the lamb to the slaughter, or open your mind, eyes, ears, and all senses and realize the Big Power Game you are in. Arrested in your own home, prisoner of your emotions (apprehension, fear, anxiety, sadness, boredom, anger), been played a prank before and after April Fool’s Day.

Take advantage of your imposed private retreat and THINK!

The Fool’s Day can be every day, as long as you play along.

Think with clarity – don’t let the fear that has been instilled in you blur your perceptions. Please, do pay attention to the men behind the curtains. Your awareness is your best ally.


Be smart. Be strong.


And be well.




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