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Experiments that didn't blow up (and some that did!)

How to deal with transitional feelings

We have to cross many bridges to reach enlightenment. And they are not all pretty. They can be shaky and scary – but we must notice that we are the ones who are shaking the bridge, and we are only scared because we […]

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Here’s why you haven’t found your answers yet

The excerpt is about a trip to a virtual reality; a quest to finding answers, solving riddles, and resolving daunting challenges. I recommend you dive deeper in this great set of tips and insights on how to find answers in the right place […]

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May We Be the Light – a poem for the world

Ethereal display of colored lights. Aurora Borealis inspires us and brings a sense of unity, peace, and magic. This poem marks the inauguration of this blog. What a beautiful way to start 2017, with love, light, creativity and wonderful readers like you! 🙂

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