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Just imagine…

We are losing so much by not paying attention to our emotions, senses, and feelings. While we think we are more connected to everything and everyone, we are, in fact, less connected to the Whole, and losing track of ourselves (our True-Selves).

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When you see the end, look for a new beginning

Transformation requires the end of something. Like the end of the cocoon stage into a butterfly. Does that concept of death or separation put you in a low-vibe kind of state? Undesired ends require a lot of emotional […]

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The key to a fairy-tale life is not under the mat

Where is it, then? There is a whole universe behind that door. You create your thoughts, and thoughts are energy. What you think and how you feel inside shapes your external life. So, to open that door to a beautiful life you need to […]

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How to deal with transitional feelings

We have to cross many bridges to reach enlightenment. And they are not all pretty. They can be shaky and scary – but we must notice that we are the ones who are shaking the bridge, and we are only scared because we […]

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