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When you see the end, look for a new beginning

Transformation requires the end of something. Like the end of the cocoon stage into a butterfly. Does that concept of death or separation put you in a low-vibe kind of state? Undesired ends require a lot of emotional […]

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The key to a fairy-tale life is not under the mat

Where is it, then? There is a universe inside your door. You create your thoughts, and thoughts are energy. What you think and how you feel inside shapes your external life. So, to open that door to a beautiful life you need to […]

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How to deal with transitional feelings

We have to cross many bridges to reach enlightenment. And they are not all pretty. They can be shaky and scary – but we must notice that we are the ones who are shaking the bridge, and we are only scared because we […]

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Here’s why you haven’t found your answers yet

The excerpt is about a trip to a virtual reality; a quest to finding answers, solving riddles, and resolving daunting challenges. I recommend you dive deeper in this great set of tips and insights on how to find answers in the right place […]

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